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Christian Counseling, Education, Assessment and Consulting, Inc (CCEAC) was a created to provide individuals and families with evidence-based therapeutic methods, integrated holistic approaches, and faith-based principles to address the behavioral and mental health issues of our clients.  


CCEAC's vision is to focus on life challenges that interfere with the emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual balance. CCEAC provides wrap around service collaborating with other agencies, to include counseling, educating, and mentoring for our clients. 



CCEAC was founded by an African American woman in May 2001. Laura Colvin, the Founder, and Executive Director, has spent the past 20 years servicing clients in the central and southern counties of Burlington, Camden, in NJ and the counties of Lower Bucks and Philadelphia in PA. Laura felt there was a substantial need for individuals and families to receive superior evidenced-based therapies. CCEAC is a unique non-profit because our therapists not only include evidence-based therapeutic counseling but also integrates holistic strategies and faith-based principals.  


CCEAC frequently collaborates with other organizations which are important mostly for the current project. Because CCEAC has the most experienced in the mental and behavioral well-being of its community residents, we will use our partners strategically to reinforce our clients with wrap-around services. CCEAC stands on the premise that when individuals and families receive the mental health services needed the families and individuals can contribute to the community in a positive manner. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic has created desperation in many people who no longer have jobs, or healthcare, who are quarantined, or are in danger of losing housing, or are struggling to feed their families. Many people are concerned about all of the aforementioned conditions and need help to deal with the resulting anger, depression, and anxiety. It seemed impossible to engage people with the Covid-19 protocols so, CCEAC is advancing its reach by offering clients telehealth options and connections to other necessary resources. 

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